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3. During a LAN

Here's a couple of things to remember when you are at the lan.

Please note: When attending a Lan, respect the facilities and the owners. Any one abusing this trust, will be asked to leave.

Set Up
When you first get to the Lan, you will be allocated a position to set up your pc. Trestle tables and chairs are provided, but you can bring your own if you want.

Power and Data will be provided, as well as other setup instructions, but it is the owners responsibly to setup their own gear. Please ask any of the admins if you have any problems. And don't touch any other members equipment or gear without their permission first. Any altercations will be dealt with at the time, and may result in admins sorting it out then or people being asked to leave or removed.
During the Lan
During the Lan, you can be as vocal as you want, within reason. We don't mind friendly comments and jokes during game play. Hanging around and check other players is ok to, but remember everyones personal space and dont linger too long, cos it can put players off.
During Gaming
  • Cheating is not tolerated during any gaming. (Except in the case of modding, experimenting and tweaking a game\hardware)
  • Team Killing is not tolerated, if found to be deliberate, then the player will be disconnected from the game, or even asked to leave.
  • Hacking is not tolerated, if you are found hacking you will be immediately removed from the Lan. No acceptions.

File Sharing Time
When we first get to the event, there maybe some of us who are missing files needed. It happens all the time. File sharing programs are usually turned on straight away. Setup instructions will be advised by the admins, if you get a bit lost. 

At times, when we get bored, tired or hungry, we'll stop and people can start up their file sharing programs if they've missed anything.

Pack Up
If you have to go early or your packing up at the end of the LAN, everything around your position is your responsibly. If you have rubbish, bins are provided. Dishes are returned to the kitchens, wash and replaced in the storage cupboards. Tables, chairs and any other things disturbed while you were participating in this LAN must be sorted. At the end of the LAN, the admins and anyone that wants to help, sorts out the cleaning up, vacuuming and lockup of the facilities.

Anything borrowed from the admin or other members must be returned and anything found during the cleanup will be held by Humaine, for members to pick up later.

(to be continued...)

NOTE: Tweak takes no responsibility for any loss or damage to your crap at or during a Lan.