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2. Gear

Most of the time, it's just common-sense to bring everything you need to get your rig up and going. But sometimes you forget other things to bring. Here's a list of what you may need. Having this stuff organised and ready, will make your setup and pack up go a lot easier and faster.  (NOTE: The Admin staff can provide some of the equipment, but you should be prepared anyway.) 

Packed and Ready

LABEL EVERYTHING!!! It would be safer to know that you had labels or marks on your stuff... write your name, use coloured electrical tape or cable ties.... whatever it takes to mark your shit so you don't have any problems when you pack-up.

Gym Bag or Back Pack

It's best to actually get yourself an old back pack or gym bag and chuck most of this stuff (cables, keyboards, mice, etc) into it. Some members use trolley luggage to move their stuff around as well. As long as you keep it all together. 

Power Cords
Remember to bring your own power cables for your computer. In most cases we have lots of spare ones, but its way better to use your own. Suggested Alternative: "Y" Junction Power cable 1 power cable that has  power connectors for both your pc and monitor.

Power Extension / Strips
One problem you can have at Lans is that there may be a limited or no extra power points available for all your power needs. Bringing your own extra leads and power strips will save you the hassle in the long run. A better idea would be to bring surge protector strips. More expensive, but may save your equipment if there are any problems.

Keyboards / Mice / Accessories
In some cases people have had problems with batteries, wireless interference, accessory failure, etc.. its best to make sure you have extra batteries or an extra keyboard or mouse in your pack. Admin can provide you with spares, but they may not be as reliable and you will need to get it back to the admins.

Data/Network Cables
We have a large number of cables available, at different lengths. but they can be a little unreliable sometimes, so its best if you bring your own. We suggest you bring a Cat 6 straight cable, 2 or 3 metres is ok, but 5 or longer would be best. You never know where you might be sitting and how far away from our gigabit switches.

Audio / Sounds

Open speakers are strictly prohibited at a Lan. All people attending a Lan must have headphones. No exceptions to this rule, as it interrupts other members and can disturb the gaming environment. If you have got something of interest to show, a pair of external speakers can be provided by the admin.

Personal Gear
We try to encourage members to keep an eye on their own personal expensive gear. Really, only bring what you need to participate and enjoy at the Lan. Extra clothes, swimming gear (During the summer, we get access to the pools at the schools), deodorant... is recommended. Keep your wallets, phones and any other expensive stuff stored out of sight. If you're worried and want it anything locked away, admins can provide an "Admin only" locked room.

Sleeping Gear
Most of the time we do overnight gaming. Depending on the length of the Lan, you could stay there for 1 or 2 nights. You will need to bring some sleeping gear with you. e.g. Sleeping bags, duvets, pillows, cots, camping mattresses... At about 10:30pm people can head to sleep, noise will be lessened, but you sleep at your own risk. Usually we wind it down by 12ish... and turn off most of the lights. Mornings start at 8-9am.

Other Equipment and Furniture
It's always a good idea, before you attend a lan, to check if you will need to bring any other item with you. In most cases tables and chairs will be available at most lans, but you should check and also see what facilities are available. Showers, toliets, Shops and places to get food.

NOTE: Tweak takes no responsibility for any loss or damage to your crap at or during a Lan.

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