What is Tweak?

Tweak is a computer gaming/social/networking group established in 2001, based in Whangarei, New Zealand.

It’s a gathering of computer enthusiasts/gamers, who want to get together and compare PC hardware, software, modding, overclocking and other projects.

Also, it’s a support network of members that can help each other with problems they may have experienced before with their PCs. Giving suggestions on solutions and tweaking machines/software to get the best out of them.

We are focusing on hosting our own LANs, here in Northland and gaming with the latest games. We try to maintain our own game servers, and also provide stats and details on some of them.

Games we are interested in playing:

 First Person Shooters
Realtime Strategy
Role Playing 
  • Arma 2 & 3
  • Battlefield 1942, 2, 2142, 3, 4
  • COD: MW & 2
  • Counterstrike Source:GO
  • R6:Vegas 2, 
  • L4D, L4D2, Dead Island
  • MWF
  • DayZ
  •  Command & Conquer Series (Mostly the best of them: Generals)
  • Starcraft
  • Company of Heroes
  • Path of excile
  • Dota
  • Sacred
  • Diablo's
  • Skyrim

And if we're in the mood, we like to play retro games to... as most of us played these games when the first came out... (ohhh... I feel old.... )
  • Quake, Serious Sam, HalfLife DM, RA2... etc...
If you would like to join us, please email humaine@tweak.net.nz

Thanks for checking our site out.... :)